Tout bloopers: A print reporter’s folly

With all the changes in newspapers, more and more reporters are being asked to take video to add to their stories.

I think it makes sense to add something extra, especially photos and sometimes audio, to enhance the story. Provided you did a good enough job writing it, readers may feel inclined to click on something extra for what amounts to little work on the reporter’s part.

The company that owns my newspaper, Digital First Media, requires its reporters to take video on a website called Tout. My bloopers can’t be nearly as bad as some of the old-timers.

I am lucky I took a video class at New York University with the very talented Matt Rivera and Adam Penenburg. Having said that, I have been taking some pretty screwed up video, on and off the job, to add to Tout.

For instance, I just could not hold in a sneeze when the Army’s “controlled burn” crossed the containment line in October:

Last Saturday, I attempted to take some video of a traffic stop but accidentally hummed and mostly shot the sky:

On Monday, I did not get my phone out in time for a fire truck (What? You never know. It could have been going to a soon-to-be historic fire). Also, my colleague was talking throughout.

I attempted to take a video of duck “surfing” this morning. It was too far away to put on Tout, which appears as a small box on the side of my newspaper’s homepage.

The digital revolution continues …



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