Although my main journalistic interest is print reporting, I have a soft spot for radio.

I spent two and a half years as the host of “The Philly Philmore Show” on WUPX FM at Northern Michigan University and, recently, created these three stories for New York University’s EndofTheDial.Com.
Get on the Bus
From TheEndofTheDial.Com
November 2009
A diverse group of passengers take the Megabus to Washington D.C. – with a purpose.

MarvelFest a Delight for Young and Old
From TheEndofTheDial.Com
October 2009
A few days before Halloween 2009, Marvel Comics fans of all ages gathered in costume at Union Square.

No Trips to Disney World for Some Comic Fans
September 2009
After the $4 billion purchase of Marvel Comics by Disney Entertainment in late August, many comic fans were still in a state of shock the week after.